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We take pride in the work that we do and make sure that we meet and exceed our customers expectations.

Why Architectural film💡

It is a non-invasive solution that does not generate dust or odour. It's easier to maintain and has better resistance. With an adhesive film, the result is more structured and very realistic visually and to the touch this is what gives your kitchen that bespoke look, Also you will not have to close your establishment during the renovation and, of course, with paint, several fresh coats would be necessary as it chips flakes and collects dirt very easily.

Our films have outstanding durability enabling you to renovate any furniture rather than throw it away it's a great way to upcycle kitchens,doors and furniture ♻️  go green with less landfill Eco-friendly


Save as much as 60% with our refurbs while achieving better results.


UV treated & resistant to harsh weather,water, dirt and abrasion  

Rated A+ on VOC tests 


From metal to concrete and wood to leather hyper realistic textures look and feel like real material apply finishes where it may be difficult or too costly to replace.


Long term solution reusing and recycling furniture rather then disposing of it. upcycle fixtures and fittings to create less landfill.


Unique quality with 7-12 year durability.

Tough against cracking, peeling, discolouration and delamination


Certified in multiple standards 

Fire tested CE marked IMO approved for peace of mind.


Lower costs and faster installs provide the opportunity to refresh interiors more often out with the old & in with the new keep the trend alive and increase more revenue.



Refit without the mess and less stress, no downtime meaning no loss of revenue, noise and waste. Most surfaces can be wrapped in situ meaning less disruption overall.


Smooth and simple to maintain

Food environment friendly, protects against mould, laboratory-tested antibacterial capacity.