Why replace your kitchen when you can upgrade for less?




The kitchen is the heart of the home wrap it with a little love 🧡

With Re-new-it LTD Peterborough  you can have your whole kitchen  resurfaced, refaced,wrapped, without spending your whole entire budget. we are able to transform any kitchen or interior and it's accessories by giving them a breath of fresh air.

Lockdown has made us all crave change in our interiors, but cost plays a big part for the most of us, major renovations comes with bigger price tags,  Re-new-it LTD has the solution by using the latest architectural interior wraps.

The end results are the same if not better for a fraction of the cost.

Architectural Finishes bring you the beauty of hundreds of natural elements with the additional new classic Woods and Artisanal Palette series to inspire your projects. We use advancements in science so you can capture the worlds natural beauty without sacrificing a forest or your creative ideals. You can create a stunning new space quickly, easily, and sustainably, or breathe new life into an existing space almost overnight.





Silver ⚪ Gold 🟡 Platinum 🟠

▪️ Kitchen wrap - Vinyl wraps

We supply and reskin the fronts and edges of all doors, drawers,cornices,kickboards and end panels.

We can reface wine racks, open racks, shelfs, Extractor fans,frontals,glass doors,worktops,shaker doors,slab doors, recessed doors, walls and floors.

white and grey kitchen black and grey kitchen  cream and grey kitchen blue and grey kitchen marble countertops

Turquoise doors grey gloss doors the beauty of the vinyl adhesive films gives you the opportunity to fully customise your kitchen and interior even with bespoke realistic textures.

see our colour range or request a brochure from us.

▪️ kitchen Worktop wrap - countertop wraps

 classic woodgrains, modern woodgrains, dry wood, sophisticated stones, bespoke marble, luxury leather, unique fabric, metallic , Artisanal

▪️ Flat modern doors service

Modernize the look to your kitchen doors by making old recessed  or shaker style doors smooth and flat.

▪️ Handles

We stock a modern and classic range of handles, from straps to round pull bar or square pull bar, T bar, knob,cup

Gold, primrose pink,copper,brushed,chrome,matte,black, stainless,satin,brass,polished,antique.

▪️ Custom built racks / furniture

Have extra room and would like a wine rack or shelving unit or similar building in to your kitchen we can incorporate  this to your new look kitchen and resurface to match.

▪️ Kitchen backsplash

our backsplash  ranges from traditional ceramic tiles, acrylic sheet,aquaboard panel or interior wall wraps

Upcycle and save today

 kitchen doors and drawers 

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